Mission, Vision, Value & Diversity

Mission Statement:

Developing business solutions to enhance community entities and their members’ success while strengthening future company sustainability through opportunities to learn, grow and thrive. 

Vision Statement:

A leading diversified business services company within an equal opportunity market, maximizing success for our clients and communities, by offering customized business and financial solutions. 

Value Statement:

We are proud to be First Nations owned and operated. We are committed to reinvesting in our communities and returning value to our shareholders through:

· Customer Focus
· Integrity and Trust
· Accountability and Transparency
· Diversity

Diversity Statement:

TWCC demonstrates its commitment to equity by providing a supportive, opportunity-driven work environment and diverse corporate culture.

TWCC is wholly committed to the principles of workplace diversity. TWCC has and will continue to develop and implement workplace diversity principles and strategies across all of its structures, policies, procedures, and decision making processes.