TWCC Young Artist Calendar Contest 2020

Attention all artists between the ages of 5 - 21!!

TWCC would like to highlight ‘Mother Earth and the effects of Climate Change’ as the theme for our 2020 Calendar. We will award $100.00 for each piece of art that is selected to be used in the Calendar. Please click here for more info.

TWCC highlights Family as the theme for our 2019 Calendar.

Artwork is featured from young artists between the ages of 5 - 20, illustrating what Family means to them.

 The calendar features artwork from the following young, talented artists:

Faith Desmarais, Age 15
Gloria Osarhimwan
Ciara Murdock, Age 19
Meri-Lynn Collingridge, Age 17
Sadie Boulette, Age 18
Journey Rose-Poole, Age 6
Ireland Sumner, Age 10
River Traverse, Age 12
Ronald Kreger, Age 17
Joseph Woodhouse, Age 18
Haley Henwood, Age 19
Areryanna Marsden, Age 10
TWCC thanks everyone that submitted artwork for the calendar. Please lookout for the 2021 Calendar Contest in the Fall.

2017 Calendar Artwork Contest Winners


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